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Taste of Messinia Set


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Taste of Messinia Set
Taste of Messinia Set
Taste of Messinia Set
Taste of Messinia Set
Taste of Messinia Set

Enjoy a sampling of products from one of the most exciting and fertile regions of Greece, Messinia, in the Southern Peloponnese. Known for its lush olive groves and diverse flora, Messinia produces some of Greece's most unique products. Our sample kit includes pure and wholesome products, sourced from the finest suppliers.

The Taste of Messinia includes:

1x Liá Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500mL

One of the most awarded olive oils from Greece, this premium extra virgin olive oil comes from a boutique, family-owned producer located in the town of Filiatra. Their tree belongs to the Koroneiki variety, a native one in Greece. The olive oil comes in a high quality opaque white bottle, designed to keep it away from light and to preserve its superior quality.

1x Hellenic Farms Pitted Kalamata Olives - 12.7oz jar

All-natural large Kalamata gourmet olives, in vinegar brine, without pit. Harvested by hand, the olives are picked in late fall and naturally cured to keep their exceptional taste and premium quality.

1x Mr. & Mrs. Greek Kalamata Fig Jam - 10.5oz jar

All-natural jam made with 75% whole fruit! The fig jam is made with figs of the Kalamata variety, known locally as “Tsapelosyka”. They are cultivated in southern Peloponnese and are harvested during Aug-Sep.

1x  Navarino Icons Pure Greek Honey with Fresh Honeycomb - 14oz jar

Navarino Icons Greek honey is harvested from colonies of bees that roam freely to collect nectar from the flowers blooming in abundance in the region around Messinia. Naturally thick and golden, this pure Greek honey is unheated and unfiltered, to preserve its nutritional benefits and highlight its delicate taste and aroma. It is cold packed by hand without the addition of artificial additives or flavorings. A piece of fresh honeycomb straight from the hive is added to the jar.


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