Mythocia Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Mythocia Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mythocia Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mythocia Olympia PGI Early Harvest EVOO treats you to a rich taste and aromas of fresh-cut grass, artichoke, tomato, radicchio and almond. Made from our selected groves in the region of Ancient Olympia, this high phenolic, early harvest extra virgin olive oil has immense nutritional qualities and gives a perfectly balanced bitterness and pungency taste.


2018 Best in Class Japan Olive Oil Prize
2018 Gold New York International Olive Oil Competition
2018 Gold Kotinos International Olive Oil Competition
2018 Gold Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition
2018 Gold Olive Japan
2018 Silver Athena International Olive Oil Competition
2017 Silver Domina International Olive Oil Contest
2017 Bronze London International Olive Oil Competition
2016 Gold London International Olive Oil Competition

Tasting Notes
This internationally awarded olive oil has a fruity taste mixed with notes of artichoke and fresh cut grass, and a medium peppery finish that will surely satisfy even the most demanding palates. Its uses in your kitchen are limited only by your imagination.

What Is Early Harvest?

In the Ancient Greeks’ time, olive oil made from unripe, or “early harvest” olives was an invaluable medicine in the hands of Greek doctors. Hippocrates, considered to be the “Father of Western Medicine,” documented 60 different health conditions that could be treated with such olive oil. Greeks today still enjoy the health benefits and amazing flavor of extra virgin oil made from unripe olives. With Mythocia Olympia PGI Early Harvest, you taste the richness of Koroneiki olives, the “queen of olives” in Greece - harvested carefully by hand at just the right time to produce such a premium oil.

What Is PGI Olympia?
PGI stands for “Protected Geographical Indication”. It means that the olives which produce this extra virgin olive oil are all grown in a specific region, in this case, Ancient Olympia.

This most award winning EVOO was born in the land of Ancient Olympia using only the best olives from the year’s early harvest season. The warm and stable climate and exceptional soil of our area are responsible for Mythocia’s Olympia PGI Early Harvest’s one of a kind taste.

Did you know?
Olives are a stone fruit much like cherries, peaches, plums, and apricots. What we all call “oil” is really more of a fresh fruit juice in this case. Real extra virgin olive oil is extracted with purely mechanical means, without heat or chemicals and no refinement whatsoever.

The enemies of extra virgin olive oil are light, heat, and oxygen. Store in a cool, dark place. Enjoy your olive “juice” as quickly as possible once it has been opened. These bottles come with a special pour spout which only let’s liquid out and prevents air from entering.

Technical Specifications

Variety: Koroneiki
Harvest Period: October 15th - November 5th
Harvest Method: Mechanical means and by hand
Extraction Method: Two-phase centrifugal, Alfa Laval
Mass temperature Cold extraction: 24C°
Organoleptic Report: Fruity: 5.3 Bitter : 4.2 Pungent: 4.4
Acidity: 0.15
Storage: Stainless steel with nitrogen atmosphere
Cultivation method: Conventional

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